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And you thought we were the only people who despise California?  Of course, you know better.  A guy on Instagram decided to ask people across the United States where they live and what state they hate the most.

While Californian’s don’t like Texas (something about envy, I guess) no state is more despised than the “Golden One”.  Nine states, comprising most everything west of the Great Plains are waiting for the day California slithers back into the ocean (the Raiders will once again be on the coast!)

Why do people in New Jersey smell like a waste dump?  So nearsighted people can hate them, too!

You can see the map posted at Instagram.  Apparently, no other state hates Idaho.

People in New Jersey hate everybody else.  Hey, ever hear this one?  Why do people in New Jersey smell like a waste dump?  So nearsighted people can hate them, too!

Many of these fault lines follow football rivalries.  Three states in the Southeast hate Alabama.  Texas hates Oklahoma and Oklahoma despises Texas.  The Ohio State and Michigan rivalry is another obvious divide.  The same for the Dakotas, Carolinas and Kansas/Missouri (which predates the Civil War).

Again, you can see the map by clicking here.

Interestingly, not one person in Hawaii responded, although.  I wouldn’t call it evidence of an abiding love of all mankind.  Many friends who’ve visited there tell me just being from the mainland is enough to annoy the people of the 50th state.

A better breakdown could be a survey by region.  I grew up in the far western corner of Upstate New York.  Where everyone hates everything New York City.  My dad once met one of my college friends from the downstate cluster and made a disparaging comment about people from “the City” as it’s arrogantly called by inhabitants.  “At least it’s not New Jersey,” replied my friend.

Without missing a beat, Dad said, “Same thing!”

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