The only people making less than the minimum are working under the table.  And many of them may be making more.

From a marketing standpoint, I would’ve put the $15.00 figure in a bigger type and the $13.00 in a smaller print, however.  For all the liberals who claim Idaho needs a higher minimum wage, the free market says otherwise.  One of the numbers on the help wanted sign at Carl’s Jr. is more than double the minimum.

A few weeks ago, I read an argument from liberals in Oregon opposed to the Greater Idaho movement.  They claim if rural Oregon becomes Idaho that people will only make $7.25 an hour.  The sign I photographed isn’t unusual.  I know of one local restaurant that was starting people at up to $18.00.  That was a couple of years ago.

Is that enough?  You can rent a garden shed for about $700 a month!  Or you can commute to Twin Falls from Lincoln County.  And spend $100 a week on gas!  So you could even see the offer go higher to fill vacant positions.

I predict that unless there’s a coming economic depression wages will increase.  Or maybe we can import all of Central America and have people operating registers who don’t understand English.  That appears the goal of the Biden White House, which claims to be looking out for the little guy.

Let me just say that even English speakers have some difficulty operating a cash register.  During one recent visit to a local establishment, a young woman couldn’t figure out a coupon I handed over.  It promised a second item for one dollar above my original purpose.  She could get $20.00 an hour if she can figure out that one!

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