(KLIX)-Idaho might be the home of a test nuclear reactor intended to advance the United States ability to generate energy.

The U.S. Department of Energy filed plans to look at the impacts of constructing what is being called a Versatile Test Reactor at two possible sites, Idaho National Laboratory in east Idaho or the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee.

The project would test future fuels and materials for advanced civilian nuclear power reactors. First the DOE will look at the impacts of building a Versatile Test Reactor and is seeking public comment on the proposed project from now until September 4, 2019.

“This testing capability is essential for the United States to modernize its nuclear energy infrastructure and for developing transformational nuclear energy technologies that reduce waste generation and enhance nuclear security,” said U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry in a prepared statement. “Lack of a domestic reactor with versatile fast-neutron-spectrum testing capability is a significant national strategic risk affecting the ability of DOE to fulfill its mission to advance the energy, environmental, and nuclear security of the United States and promote scientific and technological innovation.”

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