Could what we call the United States thrive if split into two parts?  I came across an opinion piece from the conservative Washington Examiner.  It says the number of people in liberal states favoring secession is growing.  It’s starting to approach the number of people in conservative states who want a divorce.

First, I believe this is a really bad idea.  I used to witness some arguments over politics at family gatherings (mostly over shades of conservatism), but we were still family.  While I think America’s lefties are misguided, I still pray for their redemption.

Second, if we split, I keep hearing that we’ll be sorry because we get a greater share of federal largesse.  Which comes with strings attached.  I think we’ll find ways to survive.  We also feed the big blue cities.  There’s a meme making its way around Facebook.  Idaho alone is a leader in agricultural production.  The rest of the flyover country is much the same.  If you want to eat, then we’ll have favorable trade agreements.

A late friend worked for the State Department in Washington.  He was an assistant at one time to Robert Bork.  My friend used to say that within ten years, liberal America would be begging for reconciliation.

Maybe a trial separation would be an eye-opener.   Or we would find some new alliances.  Possibly even be joined in a new confederation by Canada’s prairie provinces.  We’re not alone in our political differences.  Eventually, reconciliation would lead to a massive North American union.  And a much stronger entity.

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