Mainstream media portrays conservatives as angry.  It’s the picture painted since I was a kid.  Or we’re labeled as being mean.  Because we ask how much government programs are actually going to cost.  As one conservative writer told me several years ago, we’re the parent saying “No!”  People don’t like hearing they can’t have everything they want.

Dissent is now considered a sign of treason.

Liberals are portrayed as jolly and tolerant.  Unless you’re a conservative.  Then liberals have no tolerance.  I see them as angry.  They claim they defeated President Trump and have been hollering since the day after the election.  Dissent is now considered a sign of treason.  It wasn’t always this way as you can see by clicking here.

Over the weekend I saw a post on the Facebook page of State Senator Christy Zito.  She wanted public input on an essay written by an Eastern Orthodox Christian.  The guy also served as a Marine.  You can read his chilling words at this link.  He explains (and some of the language is strong) the other side is filled with hate.  Throughout history this has been a dangerous dynamic.  People have died and they’ve died in the most horrible fashion.  His primary example is the fall of Constantinople to the Turks.

A writer at the Jewish magazine Tablet has reached the same conclusion.  Speaking of Jews, the conservative writer Dennis Prager is also chiming in with a column about California.  He compares the place with the old Soviet Union.  California politics are now on the way to becoming national policy with the changing of control at the White House and possibly the U.S. Senate.

Last week, a Catholic magazine I read (it’s called Crisis) carried a column from a writer who broached the topic of secession.  Now, I’m not sure it’s going to happen but when people are seriously addressing the subject, then we’re dealing with the fears similar to what people experienced in Constantinople.  As the Marine says, “Don’t ****ing lose!”

I've not seen anything like this during my lifetime.


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