Idaho’s lefties have to create a lot of strawmen in hopes of frightening you.  Some cooks with shields and a smoke bomb planned to disrupt a pride event in northern Idaho and fellow travelers in the news media can’t let it go.  They need to portray clown college rejects as representatives of the Republican Party and especially Trump voters.  I’m not sure the media repetition will convince anyone to join the Democrat Party.   This it desperation, as all liberals can offer, is high fuel costs, inflation, and potential starvation to meet their climate goals.

The latest fear porn is offered by Democrat apparatchik Jeremy Gugino.  He likes to mention that he was a Republican and no longer recognizes his former party.  Gugino hails from Rochester, New York.  The New York Republican Party is so weak that the state has a viable Conservative Party.  The latter placed one of its members into a U.S. Senate seat in 1970.  In 1990, Herb London, the Conservative Party candidate for Governor in New York, finished one percentage point behind a Republican opponent.  The split handed the election to Democrat Mario Cuomo.  The Republican Party that Jeremy Gugino knew of, is unlike the GOP in 49 other states.

The Idaho Republican Party has its summer convention late next week in Twin Falls.  As a past convention delegate, I can attest the event can be boisterous. It’s called an exchange of ideas.  In a recent newspaper column (a 19th Century news medium), Gugino warns the dastardly Republicans will talk secession.  Why?  Because the Texas GOP broached the issue.  Never mind the Texans were sending a terse message to a deep state cabal that refuses to secure the southern border.

It’s the stuff that keeps lefties up at night.  Have you seen any social media memes about a potential red/blue split?  “One side has 18 trillion rounds of ammunition,” it says.  “The other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.”

Texas isn’t leaving the union anytime soon, but if the day comes, a lot of other states in flyover country will follow simply because of the clout of the Lone Star economy.  I guess liberals will have to relocate.  They should feel right at home in San Francisco, where the streets are full of crap.  A lot like Democrats!

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