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I thought the issue was dead.  For the time being.  Coronavirus shoved aside many petition drives as people were warned they should social distance.  In Idaho it delayed some efforts until next year, however.  Apparently in Oregon the effort continued.  Remember, you don’t need to go door-to-door.  You could post petitions in corner stores, laundries and gas stations.  People could sign names while shopping.  It won’t be on the ballot this year but perhaps soon.

The desire of several of Oregon’s eastern counties to cleave from the coast is a lot stronger than I originally imagined.  The argument the people in the high desert have much more in common with Idaho is obvious but there are so many other hurdles to clear.

it would also make neighboring Oregon more liberal and more insufferably condescending

While some in Salem would like to rid themselves of conservative voices, I can’t imagine legislators and Governor Kate Brown would want to lose tax revenue from such a wide geographic region.  They’ll put up with a sometimes unruly minority.

There’s also the emotional attachment.  It would be humiliating to allow a large chunk of history break away.  While it would likely make Idaho more conservative, it would also make neighboring Oregon more liberal and more insufferably condescending.

There’s no simple answer.  Self-determination is a high minded set of words but it’s never easily done.  If a simple vote was all it required, the map of the United States and other parts of the world would be constantly in flux.  It’s because cultural mores and political beliefs evolve.  I hate to say it, but the precedent could be a recipe for chaos.

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