Members of Idaho's congressional delegation are reacting to the President's speech on the Libyan situation. Senator Jim Risch says he was not an advocate of military action in Libya and that the administration did not identify clear objectives. Congressman Raul Labrador says it's difficult to fault the President for the sentiments he repeatedly expressed but  he wishes that the President had communicated his intentions earlier. Political analyst Dr. David Adler says the administration has avoided calling this war. Instead, it’s been referred to as a military action or international effort. But he says make no mistake: we are now at war in Libya and this may be the emergence of the "Obama Doctrine."   President Barack Obama has vigorously defended American attacks in Libya during a nationwide address. Obama declared Monday night that the United States intervened to prevent a slaughter of civilians that would have stained the world's conscience and "been a betrayal of who we are" as Americans. But he ruled out targeting Moammar Gadhafi, calling that a mistake that would be as costly as the war in Iraq.

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