Democrats allege Donald Trump will start World War III with China.  Lefty is unhappy because it interferes with his plans for World War III with Russia.

Media conveniently ignores history.  Is failing to report on context fake news?

Yesterday at a marathon news conference the President’s media minions gathered and helped flog Trump.  Apparently no one dared ask about China eating Mr. Obama’s lunch!  You know, the story about the Chinese snatching a U.S. ocean drone and then claiming the South Pacific is a Chinese lake.  Mr. Obama, who promises to “punish” the Russians, genuflects to the Chinese Communists.

This morning I read a lengthy piece at the National Interest.  I realize most people don’t have time to read much any longer but this one is worth the effort.

The writer details the meddling of the Clinton family to influence the Russian Election of 1996.  Two years ago some of Obama’s intelligence types had their words captured as they talked about direct interference in Ukrainian Elections which, by geography, interferes in Russian politics.  The Russians at the time decided it would benefit their own interests to monitor even more secret political discussions in the United States.  The Russians also suggested joint restraints over “hacking” but the Obama White House refused.  As it refused to participate with Russia in fighting Islamic terrorism and as it refused to join Russia (by Russian invitation) in Syria after the U.S. attempted to overthrow the Syrian government.  As it did in Egypt and Libya and destabilized not only Syria in Asia but all of North Africa.  Do you see a pattern here?

Media conveniently ignores history.  Is failing to report on context fake news?  The United States has a long history of destabilizing foreign governments.  Mexico, Spain, Columbia in the days before electronic media and then the list grows exponentially.  This isn’t opinion.  It’s fact.  President Obama’s interference roster is longer than a grocery list for a family of eight.

Even as the Keystone Pipeline cleared regulatory hurdles Mr. Obama barred construction.  The Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was toppled and the President got a pliable replacement.  He spoke against Brexit and warned of consequences.  He warned Italian voters to maintain a weak leader (they ignored the American President).  In attempting to bring down the Prime Minister of Israel the threats grew violent.  As the Israeli military contemplated a strike against Iran Obama threatened to have the planes shot down.  Israel is an ally.  Iran threatens to immolate both Israel and the United States.  Barack Obama is a petulant fool enabled by the likes of the New York Times and major broadcast networks.  These people threaten the actual peace.

A strong alliance with Russia is necessary as Chinese and Islamic power metastasize.  We don’t have to praise Vladimir Putin as a humanitarian.  We just need him protecting our flank.

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