I’ve been going to political demonstrations for 40 years.  Either as reporter or activist.  I know there are people who monitor what takes place. This doesn’t encourage political participation.

Several years ago a friend spoke at a Tea Party rally and criticized USDA regulations that impacted her business.  Three days later, five inspectors arrived at her warehouse and practically tore the place apart.  Welcome to the land of the free!

It appears several demonstrators in Idaho got probed last summer.  You can read about it by clicking here.  Mostly left-wing protestors were surveilled.  The Department of Homeland Security hired a private firm to keep tabs on family separation events across the state.  There wasn’t any spying in Twin Falls but if you traveled to one of these other events you may have your picture in a deep state file.

Many of us on the right are criticized for “anti-government” views.  We aren’t opposed to responsible government.  We aren’t opposed to government when it respects our right to assembly.  We’re opposed to Big Brother!  Welcome to the club, Lefty.

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