You could be paying for not only gas but for the distance you drive.  President Biden’s Transportation Secretary is proposing a mileage tax.  The idea is part of a much larger tax scheme being considered by the White House in order to pay for the outlandish debt being added to the national credit card.

Getting a stimulus check?  It may not cover the new taxes we’ll be seeing in coming months.

Getting a stimulus check?  It may not cover the new taxes we’ll be seeing in coming months.  Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham itemized some of the possibilities on her program.  You can watch it by clicking here.

She makes a great point when she explains rural Americans would be hammered by the mileage tax.  In New York City there is a subway and rail lines coming in from Long Island.  Washington has a rail system functioning both above and below ground.  Chicago has rail.  We don’t have any such advantage in Southern Idaho.

I know people who commute from Burley to Twin Falls.  Or Burley to Pocatello.  Or Mountain Home to Boise.  I know salesmen and women and they travel between three states over the course of a week.  If they pay higher taxes, it’ll likely be passed on in costs for goods and services.

The national debt is now so great even some Republicans are talking about the need for additional taxes!

I may be among the lucky ones on mileage.  I average a little more than 7,000 miles traveled per year.  I’m guessing 95 percent of you drive much, much more.

We’re also facing likely new taxes for guns and ammunition.  We’ll have more when that day arrives.


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