Many of you by now have seen the viral video shared by an Idaho Falls man drinking cranberry juice and skateboarding to work. After just days since it was shared, it has inspired other celebrity video shares and helped boost sales of one of Fleetwood Mac's most popular songs.

If you haven't heard of TikTok's 420doggface208, aka " Nathan Apodaca," then you need to take a moment out of your day to watch the video that has been shared close to 40 million times on TikTok. The short clip of Apodaca skateboarding and lip-syncing to "Dreams," by Fleetwood Mac, has taken over social media and been reported on by news outlets all over the world.

"I'm just doing me," are the words Apodaca used in a recent interview about the video's Internet explosion, and they will probably end up on clothing and hats real soon, if it hasn't already happened. Apodaca is an Idaho Falls man, and has said he plans on helping his mother with some of the money the video has generated.

The video also helped boost sales of the Fleetwood Mac song. Founding drummer Mick Fleetwood even posted his own video, in which he filmed himself copying Apodaca's actions.

In my opinion, the video is the best thing to happen all year. It's almost infectious. There is no telling how many more shares this thing is going to get. At a time in our country's history when people seem to be pissed off about everything, Apodaca's video is a nice distraction.

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