BRUNEAU, Idaho (KLIX) Idaho Fish and Game launched an attack from the air on ponds at Bruneau Dunes State Park to kill invasive carp in October.

Idaho Fish and Game used a crop-duster to spray fish toxicant known as rotenone onto the ponds surface. According to Fish and Game Officials the infestation of common carp overran the bass and bluegill which resulted in poor fishing quality. The Idaho Fish and Game and Idaho Parks and Recreation teamed up to rid the pond of carp and improve fishing.  “Park managers understand the importance of the fishery, and Idaho State Parks has been a great partner and has very supportive of the project,” said regional fishery biologist Scott Stanton.

Photo by Scott Stanton/Idaho Fish and Game
Photo by Scott Stanton/Idaho Fish and Game

Fish and Game officials said in a news release they believe the process worked. Hundreds of dead carp were pulled from the pond. The rotenone also killed the bass and bluegill which will be restocked. Fish and Game also expect the quality of the pond to improve without the invasive fish. Carp  tend to strip aquatic plants, and stir up mud that clouds the water and prevents sunlight getting to the plants. Fish and Game is now working on restocking the pond.


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