HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX)-A trap will be set to capture a large mountain lion seen in several Hailey neighborhoods and might be preying on smaller domestic cats. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said it recently received several reports in the last several weeks of a large lion seen within the city limits of Hailey. Conservation officers plan on setting a trap to relocate the animal from the city. People living there have reported missing pet cats and Idaho Fish and Game has confirmed two kills involving a mountain lion. So far, no dogs have been attacked or other domestic animals. "Fish and Game biologists are concerned that this particular lion is becoming habituated to living within the community, which presents concerns for resident and pet safety. Residents are strongly encouraged to be aware of their surroundings, especially during morning and evening hours. Pets should always be on leash whether they are being walked in town or in the surrounding mountains," said Idaho Fish and Game in a statement. Officials said it is important for people to check around their homes to make sure there isn't any place a lion could hide or daybed. It said sheds, areas under decks, and other potential hiding places should be closed off. Keeping garbage secure and inaccessible to other animals that might be prey to mountain lions will help keep them away. “We continue to encourage residents to notify our office if they observe a lion or see tracks around their homes, or if they come across cached prey” stated Regional Conservation Officer Clint Rogers, “our officers are always willing to work with local residents to make sure that they and their pets stay safe. Our goal is to encourage mountain lions to live in wild habitats, outside of our communities.”

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