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Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney wants you to rat out your neighbors.  You could call the man a Republican in name only or RINO, but what he proposes smacks of the old Soviet Union.  He wants you to report election disinformation, which in turn he’ll turn over to the Department of Homeland Security.  In other words, you snitch on the fellow next door, and then Denney will snitch all the way to Alejandro Mayorkas.  You know, the DHS guy that threw border patrol agents under the bus for “whipping” illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

If you need some help, it never happened, but Mayorkas and his commie pals in the Democrat camp wanted an excuse to erase the southern border.  Now, the outgoing (thank heavens for major favors) Idaho Secretary of State is showing us the reality.  Idaho’s GOP establishment is part of a larger conspiracy to destroy liberty, our values, and our country.

I met Denney once.  He came across as a timid and weak bureaucrat.  His RINO successor will likely be no better.  That guy campaigned this year on tenderizing his meat.

What qualifies as disinformation?  If tongue in cheek I tell Democrats that Republicans vote on November eighth and the liberals on November Ninth, do I commit a crime?  Can I then expect the jackbooted government thugs to roust me at gunpoint?  This has been happening to Christians across America who sing hymns outside abortion mills.  Now we can expect the same if we question election integrity.

That's why the swells and the establishment GOP need to be put out to pasture.  These people are a threat to your liberty.  Is it Idaho or California?

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