There is a guy in Idaho who thinks he has proof that there are two suns in our sky. If you watch his video, maybe you can understand why he thinks this, but there is an explanation.

At around the :11 second point (after the neat planets crashing into each other intro), you can see the sun rising over the Subway building. To the far left of the frame, you can see what appears to him to be another sun. Is this proof that a rogue planet is about to crash into the Earth? Probably not.

What I think is happening involves atmospheric optics. In other words, it's possible he's seeing a reflection of the sun on another cloud system. The Wikipedia page for this also mentions sky mirages.

Mirages are optical phenomena in which light rays are bent due to thermal variations in the refraction index of air, producing displaced or heavily distorted images of distant objects. Other optical phenomena associated with this include the Novaya Zemlya effect where the sun appears to rise earlier or set later than predicted with a distorted shape. A spectacular form of refraction occurs with a temperature inversion called the Fata Morgana where objects on the horizon or even beyond the horizon, such as islands, cliffs, ships or icebergs, appear elongated and elevated, like "fairy tale castles".[2]

In a scenario where ice crystals are involved, all kinds of weird sky things are possible including the sky pillars we've seen in the Magic Valley many times.

Not trying to poo poo this guy's theory. If you're into this conspiracy theory, there are definitely some weird things going on with the many deep underground bunkers that are being built for some reason that we're not being told. But, the two suns in the sky he thinks he sees in the video probably aren't it.

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