When I was a boy, there were lemonade stands on every street in my hometown.  Kids would pick up a few extra coins throughout the summer and learn a bit about service.  This is an important educational tool.  We would then graduate to selling popcorn for various clubs at school and learn people skills going door-to-door.  In recent years I’ve heard stories from around the country where overzealous governments have been shutting down lemonade stands.

Government apparently has an insatiable need for revenue at all levels.

Sales in excess of $10,000 would be taxed.  I think most kids are safe on that provision.

Ron Nate is a State Representative from East Idaho.  He had some of his first entrepreneurial experience selling lemonade as a kid, alongside a friend.  You can hear him share his story here.

Some heavy-handed government excesses across the country caused him to get behind HR-21.  The House has moved to pass the bill, which would protect kids from licensing and sales tax collection with a caveat.  Sales in excess of $10,000 would be taxed.  I think most kids are safe on that provision.  They wouldn’t need a permit if they only operate a stand periodically.  It’s not like children are buying buildings on Main Street and serving lemonade 365 days a year!

While there aren’t any serious efforts at closing down stands in Idaho, the Representative wants to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.  After all, if the Democrats ever get power in Idaho…

Nate is a Republican with a libertarian streak and an economist.  He returned to the State Legislature this term after a two-year absence.


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