You can make some Republicans squirm if you mention abortion.  First, credit to the eight Idaho State Legislators who participated in a town hall question and answer session in Twin Falls.  The weekend event was organized by Twin Falls County Republicans.  It drew an audience from as far away as Blaine and Elmore Counties.

One observer shared an observation.  Issues for constituents in Mountain Home can greatly differ from the needs and wants of people in Twin Falls.  I suppose and, yet.  There are some issues of general agreement.

Legislators weren’t coy.  My impression is most gave honest answers to questions and even if it wasn’t the answer people wanted to hear.  The abortion cause is a different matter.

At least one of the eight is pro-choice.  Of the remaining seven, only two made a serious attempt to address the issue while five looked as if they wanted to avoid the topic.  Grant it, these are my personal impressions but I believe many in the audience would agree.

If you didn’t know, there are a couple of abortion bills proposed this session.  One would ban the abhorrent procedure.  When a Representative claims to be pro-life but suggests we wait on the Supreme Court of the United States then we may be waiting an eternity.  Representative Linda Wright-Hartgen explains there would be a lawsuit by liberals and it would be costly.  If there’s any hill worth dying on I would argue it’s this mound.

She calls herself pro-life.  Does that mean she believes life begins at conception?  If the answer is yes then how many more homicides must we tolerate while waiting for Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to retire?  If you saw someone gunning down kids on the street would you watch until there was a court ruling?

Human history is rife with evidence a great many civilizations collapsed after child sacrifice became permissible.  This is bigger than Medicaid expansion, pay raises for teachers and pavement for roads.  Archeologists will pay little heed on those matters.  They will count the tiny graves.

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