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If someone carved up your kid on a playground, the attacker would be on his way to jail.  If a doctor carved up your kid in a hospital, he gets a big payday.  Some Idaho legislators are working to make the second a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison.  A bill is being forwarded in the Idaho House of Representatives that would ban gender reassignment surgeries on children under 18 years of age.

Liberals claim the Republican majority is being hypocritical because the majority usually back parental rights.  We’re talking removal of children’s sex organs and not a parent’s right to paddle a child or choose a school.  It’s a stretch, Lefty!  Most Republicans support protecting children from being shredded while in the womb.  They’re consistent.

By this weekend, the editorialists in Sunday newspapers will be labeling the Republicans as bigots (as they do most weekends) because some 14-year-old may have his feelings hurt because he needs to wait another four years to be maimed.

This is really about grooming and recruiting young people into a lifestyle they may regret pursuing in a decade.  Check out the thoughts of Jordan Peterson, who calls it the sexualizing of our kids.  Or, if you’re looking to be nauseous, click here.

I believe doctors in Idaho are actually pleased by the prospect of a ban.  Then they wouldn’t need to be worried about a 25-year-old coming back and filing a lawsuit.

Utah recently put in place a similar ban.  It raised the same gnashing of teeth from the liberals, but they’re still outnumbered.

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