The narrative is that Republicans are mean.  They don’t like confused kids and the confused are going to die.  The narrative comes from mainstream media and liberals, who suggest children suffering from gender dysphoria will commit suicide in large numbers if they can’t get hormone blockers or are mutilated by a doctor.  It’s happening right here in Idaho, where a legislature dominated by Republicans is looking to put the brakes on the latest liberal fad.

I say fad because recent research shows gender confusion afflicted very few young people a decade ago, but the more screen time they’ve developed in recent years has caused a spike in claims of dysphoria.  It’s like an Internet version of the hysteria that created the Salem witch hunt.

As for a spike in suicides among our kids, yes, we can see it across Idaho and the entire country.  But how much of the depression leading to suicides come from suppressing gender transitions?  Maybe it can be attributed to school lockdowns or broken families.

For the last 30 years, we’ve been telling our youth that our own activity threatens humanity and we may be past the deadline to save the climate.  Tell me that isn’t depressing.  Or you have one world leader threatening to unleash nuclear weapons and the oaf in the White House abets the threat by upping the ante in Ukraine.

Here’s another concern.  How many suicides can we expect a decade from now when a lot of 25-year-olds realize they made a terrible mistake?  I don’t suppose the liberals looking for recruits to a particular lifestyle are thinking that far ahead, and maybe they don’t care.

The left has painted itself into a corner on transgender youth.  Bigger men and women would admit their mistakes.

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