A few weeks ago, a political candidate told me a Boise area hospital was going to be performing gender reassignment surgeries on children.  I did some digging and came across a story from Idaho Dispatch.  The publication reported St. Luke’s had scrubbed a web page that appeared to suggest there was a team in place and ready to cut.

On Monday, I wrote to the public relations office at the hospital.  I received a prompt response via email.  The writer explained the current policy:

The team at St. Luke’s Children’s is dedicated to improving health and experiences for all children, including adolescents and young adults with differences in sexual development and gender identity.  St. Luke’s does not currently provide transgender surgery to children with gender dysphoria under the age of 18. 

Adults can make whatever decision they choose when it comes to surgery.  I do hope anyone considering the change would give it a great deal of thought in advance.

As for surgery on minors, while the hospital doesn’t “currently” offer the procedure, what about next month or next year?

In order to protect kids from being mutilated and later regrets, we need a law.  You may have forgotten, but some Idaho House members had the very same idea last spring.  Their efforts were met with an icy reception in the Senate.  Now, how does that happen in what’s often described as deep red Idaho?

Check the names of people writing checks for political campaigns.  Remember, a lot of people inside the Capitol washed their hands on vaccine mandates because they long ago sold their souls to donor classes.  Hospitals stand to make a lot of money on top and bottom surgeries.  This means even more campaigns could be bankrolled in the future.  Kids are going to be sacrificed, so some old codgers can maintain their power and part-time legislative gigs.

People who cut up kids need to be in prison!

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