I watched a video a few days ago where a public broadcasting executive denied his outfit was biased.  You can see it on the page bottom.  He was being quizzed in a hearing conducted by an Idaho Senate committee.  The Senator doing the questioning had once worked for a National Public Radio affiliate.

If I understand the breakdown correctly, Boise State Public Radio received $395,000 in operating expenses for last year from Idaho taxpayers.  Many years ago I was driving a remote road on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay and public radio was one of my few listening options.  There was a beg-a-thon underway, and one of the hosts explained it was a myth the station received all of its funding from taxpayers.  “Only 60 percent,” he offered.  There’s an old saying about being only a little bit pregnant, but 60 percent?

This morning I came across a public radio headline that’s clearly dripping with bias.  “Idaho House votes to criminalize health care for trans youth,” it read.  Healthcare?  We’re talking about a bill that would prohibit doctors from chopping off the private parts of kids.  Some of the newspaper headlines weren’t much better, but my tax dollars don’t support local papers.

We don’t allow immigrants to mutilate their children because of an old world cultural practice and, yet.  Somehow, if Jennie believes she’s actually Johnny, it’s suddenly fine.

Liberals and media (and I’m redundant) are promoting the only criminal activity here.  It shows you how deeply the moral rot has been planted in our culture.

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