There may not be many bug-eating liberals in Twin Falls, but the few have something to look forward to.  The local public library has a program on cricket flour scheduled for June 25th, at 6:30 p.m.  Bring your feed bag for this tasty treat.  One highly recommended by folks like Bill Gates!  He also says you shouldn’t fly, while at the same time, he travels the world on a private jet.  That might suggest he doesn’t eat bugs but believes it should keep the servants from slipping into hunger.

I just finished lunch.  A half-inch thick beefalo steak.

Southern Idaho’s 14 liberals wouldn’t approve.  I guess that’s why they’re bug eyes over bugs.  Remember when your local library was a place where you could check out books and tapes?  Even as close as 20 years ago, my daughter used to schedule meetings at her local library for a club that collected rare China dolls.  That’s quaint by today’s standards.

There was a time when I put the library in Twin Falls to good use.  Then one afternoon I asked about a book that wasn’t available.  The woman behind the counter told me she could order it from another repository.  As she asked for my contact information she recognized my name and voice.  She became very quiet and nobody ever called to tell me when the book arrived.  That’s when I decided if the liberals didn’t want me visiting, I wouldn’t.

How about we have a chicken wing night?  Now that would bring me back.

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