Since Inauguration Day in 2021, inflation in Idaho has surged to over 15 percent.  I wish I had flagged the email when it arrived last week.  It was from a think tank that measured inflation across various states.  Idaho is one of 11 western states where the rate is over 15 percent.  I suppose our high fuel prices have something to do with the rate because we remain above the national average.

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I had witnessed inflation when it came to some groceries.  Chicken and beef are top of mind.  Eggs are up and have been for quite some time.  The price of coffee looks like an obscenity.  Then we have products where I didn’t see a lot of change until one day last week.  It struck me that the price of bag salad jumped recently, and at one local store I’m now paying an extra buck for the bag.

I had some chicken wings for my birthday dinner.  Four cost me five bucks.  In college, we used to buy them for a dime a piece.  At one on-campus hangout, the price on some nights was a nickel.  I realize that was 40 years ago, but from a dime to a buck-twenty-five…

It wasn’t all that long ago that the lunch buffet at Idaho Pizza was even 18 dollars for two.  I believe we’re now talking around 22 dollars.  It’s not the fault of the restaurant.  Everything the owners buy has gone up in price.  People still need to pay workers (during an ongoing shortage of staff) and keep a little money to feed their own families.

The other day, I went to buy a couple of cheap cans of beer to pour into my crock pot with sauerkraut.  The two cans cost me four bucks.  That may not seem like a lot, but it was $3.50 for a very long time.  The 50-cent increase is quite steep as a percentage.

We should probably be resigned to this lasting for many years.  The government caused this by printing money to the point it’s almost useless.  Before we join the lynch mob, let’s remember most of us gladly accepted and spent the stimulus checks.

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