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I’ve described Idaho’s Lt. Governor as “level”.  Janice McGeachin doesn’t come across at all as temperamental.  It shouldn’t be viewed as weakness.  She can be very direct.  As she has been throughout the coronavirus crisis.  She was elected independently of Governor Brad Little and therefore answers directly to constituents.

She’s also a businesswoman.  Among her holdings is a restaurant in Idaho Falls (and this writer has been a customer and was impressed by the food).  It’s called the Celt Pub.  It’s re-opening this weekend.

McGeachin has an issue with mainstream media.  Mostly staffed by liberals and in broadcast news much of it staffed by inexperienced people.  One Boise TV station claimed she was defying the Governor’s orders by opening early. The wrong person to cross is Janice McGeachin.

She posted this clarification at her Facebook page:

I suspect the reporter made a simple mistake by not understanding the difference.  And there is a bar at Celt Pub.  It runs along a portion of a wall.  There is also a large kitchen and even more space dedicated to dining.

I suspect people in media aren’t the only ones confused by the definitions.  The Lt. Governor believes the confusion can lead to unnecessary anger.  There will likely be calls and complaints as it gets worked out but in a month or so it’s all going to be moot.

By the way, I had the shepherd’s pie for lunch at Celt Pub.  Delicious!  The only oddity was a Nebraska Cornhuskers flag hanging in the main dining room.

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