I enjoy it when someone takes the time to send me an old-fashioned email.  People mostly today do a drive-by comment at the bottom of a post and then off they go.  The ones that take the time to look up my email address and drop me a line, these people are touched by what I’ve written or said.  Or simply touched.  This one arrived last weekend:

Keep trying to stir the pot to get attention. 

We Republicans are getting tired of your tactics which make us look stupid.  You won't but try not to incite conflict between humans please.

Just to clue you in, I don’t work for the Republican Party.  I didn’t recognize the messenger’s name, so I don’t believe he works for the party.  Both state and county party chairs are people I consider friends.  They don’t pay my salaries.  Like the messenger, I believe I represent the GOP.  I guess we’ll need to flip a coin to be the new party spokesman.

There was a second-weekend email.  This one is from a Karin who demanded I apologize to people who drive electric cars.  O.K., sorry you got duped!

I believe both messages apply to a story I wrote last week.  Check the link.  I called the people who’ve bought the green energy manure morons.  Why?  Because they’re oblivious to the human toll mining is taking in the Third World so that they can be showy behind the wheel.  I also said they had blood on their hands.  This was the same week a liberal state legislator in Montana claimed opponents had blood on their hands.  The liberal’s remarks were celebrated by the left and mainstream media (and I’m redundant).  So why can’t I get the same praise for my word selection?

Thanks for the emails.  Now go pound sand!

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