TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Five roads in the South Hills will be closed off to motorized travel beginning Monday Jan. 16, to help protect wintering wildlife. The Bureau of Land Management announced the closures include: Dry Creek, Dry Gulch, Cherry Spring, Indian Springs about 1.5 miles south of Foothills Road, and North Cottonwood Creek. The closures are intended to help protect natural resources, as well as wintering deer and sage grouse“Increased human disturbance from motorized vehicles and off-trail recreation forces mule deer to move to lower quality habitat and expend energy they need to conserve,” said Eric Killoy, BLM wildlife biologist in a prepared statement. “This, in turn, limits foraging ability and reduces fat reserves essential for survival and reproduction. To sustain healthy populations of mule deer in the South Hills and surrounding areas it is crucial to minimize disturbance during these next few months.” The closure applies to all motorized vehicles, including electric bicycles. There are exceptions for emergency responders, private land owners, and those with specific permission. People can still access the area's by non-motorized means. The closures will remain until March 15. 

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