Mainstream media is angry.  You aren’t following the science!  You aren’t wearing a mask.  Granny is going to die.  Media echoes its handlers in the Democrat Party in its claim science is God.  Or, until science says if you’re born a boy you can’t be a girl, elm tree or ’67 Buick Electra.  Then Democrats and news media (and I’m redundant) want you to pay no attention to the science.  It’s a selective world view.

If media could rule your life (and it desperately tries) you would all be following orders.  By fiat.  No discussion!

You’re obstinate.  Granny is going to die!

Media started going off the rails in the 1990s.  A friend covered criminal courts for a big city daily.  One morning he was summoned by an editor.  He was told to stop covering inner city crime and focus on suburban crime.  Translation:  Our stories give the impression minorities cause a lot of trouble.  He replied there wasn’t much to cover in the way of serious suburban crime.

Yes, it’s unfortunate some people live in terrible zip codes but it didn’t change the nature of crime.  There were far more homicides, rapes and arson in the urban neighborhoods.  My friend ended up writing stories about the occasional embezzlement at some far flung town hall, although.  His work load dropped!

This is a link from the website of an Idaho newspaper.  While you don’t see any blatant opinions from the reporter, the message remains clear.  You’re obstinate.  Granny is going to die!

Why doesn’t Idaho have a mask mandate?  Because it could result in some politicians being next on the jobless rolls.  Notice you haven’t seen many polls lately telling you a majority of Idahoans support lock downs.  As some of us predicted, it was going to wear off.  And some snot-nosed 31-year-old editor hasn’t been around long enough to make any judgments about how you should live your life.  The dripping condescension you see on the opinion pages come from men and women who’ve never so much changed their car’s oil.  And wouldn’t know where to start.

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