What’s the favorite news media whine?  Republicans are mean!  The latest burst of petulance is over the Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus.  The March 2nd event is taking place at scores of locations around the state.  Newsrooms are aghast they can’t enter into what is legally a private affair.  I’m going, but then I’m not a whimpering liberal.  I’m a registered Republican and plan to vote.

The wretches can still stand outside and pester people going in and out with questions about why they’re wearing MAGA hats.  In the minds of objective journalists, the hat is the equivalent of a white hood.

Maybe the media needs a reminder.  Nobody likes you.  I’ve watched these people surrender all objectivity since the rise of the Tea Party.  They’ve portrayed millions of their fellow countrymen as bigoted beasts.  I’ve got some news for the news.  You’re the ones who are abnormal.

This week in Idaho, editors are tripping over themselves to defend child molesters.  If I still had young children, I wouldn’t let them visit any local newspaper.

This morning I saw a story in a major paper promoting polyamory.  All the more to chip away at a culture the writer despises.  In their minds, all cultures are equal (including headhunters) but for ours.

Republicans don’t have any sympathy.  They like garden slugs more than the news media.  It’s not that they look down on you.  They believe you’re morally degenerate, conniving, lying, satanic, and communist, and that you were born out of wedlock.  You also have your negative points.

The caucus story has made national news.  The only people who care are those in the echo chambers listening to NPR, watching Morning Joe, and sipping Merlot—about two percent of the public.

For all we know, March 2nd has been labeled Left-Handed Liberation Day.  Your limited staff will be busy enough covering the celebration of the latest victimized class.

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