The liberals like to tell us, “My body.  My choice!”  They’re speaking of abortion, which they label reproductive freedom.  It’s about removing a human being from development in a mother’s womb.  For many of these people, abstinence would’ve been a simpler choice.

What we put into our bodies is also our choice.

Unless you live in Idaho and your employer demands you get a coronavirus vaccine.  Idaho is one of many “at will” states.  Let’s be honest, there’s no right to a job.  Nothing mentioned in any constitution.  On the other hand, if your employer demanded you ingest strychnine, would you have some recourse?  Other than dismissal for insubordination?

Now, I accept the vaccine isn’t the same level as poison, however.  There were no long term trials for the various remedies and the federal government approved use on an emergency basis in hopes of quelling the pandemic panic it created in tandem with mainstream media.

When health professionals aren’t sure about taking a vaccine, I notice.

And here we are.  Two large hospital groups and another smaller healthcare system in Idaho are telling workers get the shot or there’s the door.  Immediate reaction from legislative leaders is we don’t want to interfere with businesses in the state.  So, you get the needle or else.  Some basic rights are on a collision course and the short answer is one element is more politically powerful than the other.  Go look up campaign contributions and lobbying efforts.  You’ll see big healthcare greases the campaign machinery for both parties.  Especially Republicans, who control most public offices in the state.  The key word there is public.  But when it becomes an opportunity for legalized graft by the office holders, then we’ve got trouble.

It reminds us we aren’t all that different from China, where political opponents are hacked open without benefit of anesthesia.  Their organs are harvested and then peddled for ruling party profit.

One other point.  The Mayor of a very large city told me once when I was young that “perception is reality”.  He was on his way to retirement and acknowledging the rampant public distrust of modern institutions.  Thirty years on and I believe it’s worse.  People don’t trust politicians, bromides and lies.

Legislators turning a blind eye to constituents while salivating over campaign cash is an ugly, ugly look.

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