When I was a boy my older sister and her friends read stacks of teen magazines (the publications were clean in those days).  They liked to read about what were called “teen idols”.  At the very same time I couldn’t wait to see the Minnesota Vikings on TV.  The club was quarterbacked by my sports idol, Francis Asbury Tarkenton.  Known as “Fran”. 

In neither case did our fandom become an unhealthy obsession.

In neither case did our fandom become an unhealthy obsession.  That would’ve become the worship of a false god.

Exactly what does the Second Commandment mean and what are idols modern people worship?  How can we be aware we’re slipping into idol worship?

The hosts of Pastors Round Table are delving into the Ten Commandments on a weekly basis.

They joined Newsradio 1310 KLIX for installment two and also offered some thoughts on Alabama’s new abortion ban.

You can listen below.  We’ll discuss the Third Commandment next Wednesday at 9 AM.


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