The NFL was once called the No Fun League.  Back in the days when players were fined for having untucked jerseys and sagging socks.  It all seems so quaint now.  Players today face fines for worshiping God.  I know, it’s an oversimplification, although.  If a player attends a church service where more than 25 people are gathered, then the player contracts coronavirus, he faces fines and possibly negation of a contract.

The hosts of Pastors Round Table tackled the issue on Newsradio 1310, KLIX.  They believe players are going to, in some cases, make a choice between God or career.  It may be a clarifying experience.

Some very prominent voices among the Christian community are offering direct challenges.

Meanwhile, some believe there is an ongoing effort to increase state control over houses-of-worship.  Some very prominent voices among the Christian community are offering direct challenges.  John F. MacArthur is defying the State of California’s restrictions on social distancing and the limits on the number of people who can be under one roof at one time.

Many people issuing orders in government aren’t regular church goers.  Or at least in the modern generation.  It may well be they can’t quite understand the devotion of the faithful.  Which is why they don’t consider worship an essential service.

Our radio pastors aren’t always in agreement (hey, it’s why we have denominations).  You can hear their views by clicking on the YouTube video below.

There is general agreement on opposing the National Football League.  Otherwise, not so much!

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