Once again the liberal offense machine is in high dudgeon.

Judas Priest, Lefty, chill out

A story about an Idaho pizza parlor owner is a Rorschach test for the politically correct.  The story is going viral and picked up by liberal publications such as the Huffington Post.  The shop owner was doing a shark promotion and posted a photograph of himself in a shark mask.  To ensure you knew it was a shark mask, he painted his face black. His face was the mouth of the shark and black contrasts well with the lighter whitish –gray of the shark’s exterior.

How dare the guy!!!  “He must be a racist and mean-spirited and culturally insensitive and he must walk the plank and be run of town and forced to live in a cave.”  I guess snow is now racist because it’s white.  In fact, if any part of the shark mask is white he must be self-loathing.  If he drives a yellow car, he must despise Asians, too!

Judas Priest, Lefty, chill out.  Buy a slice of pizza and let the fellow make a living.

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