The left is working overtime to destroy the Greater Idaho movement.  Why the need when they continue telling us it’s going nowhere?  Because in typical times they would be spot on.  How many pundits have spent the last half-dozen years telling us the country is more divided than at any time since the Civil War?  During that conflict, a portion of Virginia split from the state and created a new entity.

Next year, the two major candidates for President could both be under indictment.  The loser of the general election may claim he was robbed.  That includes Joe Biden and his party of pantywaists.  As the Internet meme says, “One side has 18 trillion rounds of ammunition.  The other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use”.

One liberal writing for an eastern Idaho paper claims the Greater Idaho movement is racist.  For those new to this story, several counties in eastern Oregon have voted to leave the state and join Idaho.  Under current mores and legal actions, it’s a long shot.  The liberal writer cites a piece from the liberal High Country News.  Named for the perpetual condition of the editors!  Both liberal writers dismiss the movement as racist.  On what evidence?

Because Richard Butler was a racist and once lived in Idaho.  That’s it?  Yes, that’s all they’ve got.

It can’t possibly be that people are opposed to the left-coast mob’s high taxes, over-regulation, gun-grabbing, and grooming.  Free people don’t like being told their God is imaginary and that the state owns their kids.

By the way, check any comments and you’ll find a number of people who didn’t read beyond the title.  Because they’ll parrot some of what I’m saying.

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