I went to church Sunday in my best print dress and a yellow bonnet.  President Biden recommended I give it a try.  Who knew I would come face-to-face with bigots?  And they call themselves Christians.  Some guy went so far as to tell me I needed to shave my legs!

Most Idahoans I meet have a live-and-let-live philosophy.  We hear that even a joke among friends could offend someone nearby if they were within earshot, which is why those wisecracks aren’t said in the workplace.  You could be fired for creating a hostile work environment.  But how come nobody worries about offending Christians?  Some White House spokesman said it didn’t have any impact on your ability to attend church.  True, but why on the holiest day of the Christian calendar?

April Fool's Day Came Early?

A friend joked April First would’ve been more appropriate.  Of course, if you had picked Fool’s Day, then a tiny minority would be offended.  In other words, one minority is a protected liberal caste.  The shrinking number of devout Christians are viewed as oppressors.

My sister is a teacher and a reformed liberal.  That is, she left the Democrats because the party was hostile to her Baptist faith.  Her whack-job Governor issued a joint proclamation alongside President Biden.

Liberals Think Christians are the Evil Ones

It shows you that Democrats have given up on the devout Christian vote.  They’ll rely on a tinier minority among dying mainline denominations. The party is losing the young to Kennedy, and the demographic they call people of color are increasingly on board with Trump.

All they can blather is that Trump is only nominally Christian.  That’s rich!  Coming from people who only go to church when they plan to disrupt worship on the holiest day of the year.  At least Trump is supportive of the faithful.

Even the biggest RINO in Idaho knows insulting Christians on Easter is the third rail.  Let’s hope it remains that way.

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