Twin Falls is a Christian town.  I came across a post on Facebook about a local ministry giving away wooden crosses at Five Points.  It turns out it’s a project from Leo Lytle Ministries.  This is an expensive undertaking.  Lumber isn’t cheap!  As you can see from the post, the utility trailer holding the crosses was large.

I watched a documentary about the early church a couple of weeks ago.  The cross became the dominant symbol to tell onlookers that even the worst means of dying can be overcome by faith.  It initially confused some observers, but as many came to understand what they were seeing, it worked wonders as an introduction to conversion.  As a pastor once said at an event I attended, God died for you in Christianity.  In many rival faiths, you’re expected to die for God.

Twenty years ago, I was working for a radio station in a Rust Belt city.  Driving to the office one Good Friday morning and through a declining neighborhood, I saw a young man carrying a large cross over a shoulder.  I stopped and turned on my recorder.  He was home from the United States Military Academy for the weekend and had been distressed by the decline of the place he called home.  He decided to carry the burden as a message for his neighbors.  Our newsroom led with the story the rest of the day.

We should note you could carry a cross along many of our streets in Twin Falls today and it would be a quicker means of travel than driving!  Joking aside, when you see such devotion from a ministry, it gives you hope about our community’s future.

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