You’ll be hearing the liberals on newspaper editorial boards screaming we’re all bigots in Idaho.  The town board in American Falls has dropped plans to open a May meeting with a Hindu prayer.  This after constituents asked what the Mayor was thinking when she issued the invitation.  But before liberal media claims we don’t like Hindus, the local council doesn’t have prayers from Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  As soon as people in the overwhelmingly Christian town requested prayers from their pastors, the council reversed course.

Prayers for Some But Not for Others

The Mayor told a reporter she saw an invitation for a Hindu holy man as a means for people to learn about other cultures.  The prayer he planned to offer was benign.  I’ll point out that when I was young, I shared an apartment with a buddy who came from Calcutta, India.  He was Hindu and a wonderful friend.  I lost track of him when he moved to New Jersey.  Living in that state may be a mistake!

But what’s the responsibility of local government?  Cultural education?  How about filling potholes and plowing snow?  I think police and fire protection are also important.

This Isn't the Role of Government

The Mayor, and some council members, misunderstand their roles.  People in government campaign on a promise to do your will.  Once in office, they begin to believe they need to better us.  To perfect us.  Somehow, once elected, their IQs increase and they become much more virtuous than the rest of us.  Is there some sort of magical ceremony I missed?  Better yet, don’t mention magic, they’ll next be inviting witches to cast spells.

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