A recent study was just completed and Idaho tied with one other state for the most overweight adults.

The folks at WalletHub crunched some statistical data considering things like overweight prevalence, unhealthy habits and food & fitness rankings and spit out this list that ranks states from the fattest. (The lower the number the bigger the problem.)

Source: WalletHub

An interesting takeaway is that despite ranking 42 overall, which isn't that bad, Idaho ties with Delaware for the most overweight adults in America.  It stands to reason that Idaho's kids must be healthy enough, and it's not until we grow up that we start putting an extra notch or two in the old belt.


It's hard to say for sure why Idaho ranks so high but it's generally agreed upon that if you want to get in shape, you eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. And if you plan on hitting the gym anytime soon, we found a video that gives a few examples of what not to do. Enjoy.