STANLEY, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho road crews acted quickly to remove boulders that fell onto roads  after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook the region Tuesday night. According to the Idaho Transportation Department, road crews had to clear several rock falls along Idaho Highway 75 near Stanley --- the closest community to the epicenter of the quake just  a little more than 20 miles to the northwest--- and Idaho Highway 21 north and south of Lowman.

ITD said it had closed a section of Highway 21 in the Canyon Creek area hours before the earthquake hit as the area was hit with nearly 30 inches of snow because of avalanche dangers. Crews found the earthquake did cause several rock falls in the area and will wait to clear the road until the danger of aftershocks subsides. ITD said it could be several days before the highway is cleared; the roadway may need additional repairs as well. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded nearly 50 smaller quakes on Tuesday, one as power as 4.6 in magnitude.

ITD said the state also inspected a number of bridges in the area for any initial damage caused by the earthquake. Crews will conduct more inspections of bridge structures closest to the epicenter to determine any damage and if repairs are needed.

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