Call me a prude.  If I’m opposed to some of the silly things overtaking our culture and it makes me prudish, then I’ll gladly accept the label.  This morning I watched a video from the Media Research Center.  Some of the content is enough to gag a maggot.  One day historians will see these old videos and wonder why we let all of it slip away.  Why the most prosperous society in history made the decision to follow the Roman road to debauchery and decline and destruction?

A couple of days ago, the Presidents of China and Russia were meeting and planning for a new global order without the United States as a factor.  At the White House, the cast of a comedy show was meeting the White House news reporters.

American schools are focused on getting in touch with your feelings and picking a gender out of an ever-increasing identity pool.

I often feel like the sheriff in No Country for Old Men.  He’s watching the world and traditional values collapse before his very eyes, and he can’t find the reverse gear.

Here in Idaho, I’ve watched in recent years as a minority of legislators have attempted a last stand.  They often can’t even find any support in their own Republican party.

Do you think the majority anywhere in America supports what you’ve seen while watching the video?  Even in the big blue cities, this can’t be the case.  Go into a Spanish-speaking neighborhood in Los Angeles.  You’ll find people overwhelmingly aren’t confused about gender roles.  Walk into a black church and you won’t find anyone mocking the Lord.

Yet, we can’t seem to mobilize when confronted by an internal clear and present danger.

A liberal once asked me to define normal.  I did it in reverse.  Abnormal is what causes the pit in my stomach.  I’m nauseous.

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