There are people who identify as animals.  I first read about this a few years ago.  A story from Norway, where a grown woman claimed to be a cat.  She walked around town with an attached tail, whiskers, and cat ears.  Despite DNA saying she was clearly human and clearly a woman.  I guess we only sometimes trust “the science”.  Only when it benefits our individual preferences.

There was a time when men in white coats would come around and put someone dressed as a cat into a straitjacket.  Halloween is the exception.

There was a time when men in white coats would come around and put someone dressed as a cat into a straitjacket.  Halloween is the exception.  Or the threat of a trip to the asylum would’ve modified behavior.

As China threatens to invade neighbors, we’re cringing when someone tells us he’s an antelope and we better acknowledge he’s got hooves whether or not visible.  How could we possibly win a war with an army filled with dogs and cats?

Do School Kids Identify As Animals?

I recently heard someone say that there are students in the Twin Falls city school system identifying as animals. They didn’t get a trip to see the school psychologist. Instead, I heard the kids are getting away with their claims because administrators and staff are too timid to lay down the law and that students who claim to be animals can get away with skipping homework.  After all, paws and hooves can’t grip a pencil and struggle with a keyboard.

Does The Twin Falls School District Allow Kids To Identify As Animals

We spoke with the TFSD Superintendent, Brady Dickinson, after he was able to contact each of the schools in the district to see if the claims of kids identifying as animals in school receiving special treatment were true. They didn't find any indication that this was happening:

None of the TFSD schools have experienced students coming to them with claims of identifying as animals. Nor have any building administrators heard from teachers that students are being disruptive during class due to identifying as an animal.

The schools all have expectations for students, and while the expectations may differ slightly depending on the student, their identity does not influence the expectations:

that includes not being disruptive in class, completing classwork, and dressing appropriately in line with the school and district dress code. Yes, there are instances where accommodations are made for students who have disabilities as required by law and district policy. At this point, there are no policies that would provide accommodations for students simply because they identify as an animal.

If a child does identify as an animal at school they are still required to do the expected classwork.

The TFSD wants to help dispel the many rumors that are currently circulating public education. If you have a question or heard something that sounds strange, call your child's school or the district office. Administrators are happy to meet with parents and community members to address any issue that might arise and to better understand the situation.


This story has been updated to include information and quotes from the Twin Falls School District regarding the subject.

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