I suppose you could advertise bales for a small fee on local TV, but shipping it here could get you in trouble.  Number one, we should note that media might accept marijuana advertising when you consider the need for revenue.  Number two, a lot of people in modern newsrooms are familiar with the product.

By now you realize my headline mimics political commercials.

Marijuana is illegal in Idaho.  An island of sanity in the hazy, smoked-filled sea.  When I first saw that a bill to ban pot commercials in the state failed in the Senate, I was shocked.  But I looked a bit closer and some of the objections make some sense.

The bill may have been a bit too broad in scope.  If it focused solely on marijuana, it may well have passed.  The thing is, some of the people who voted against this bill will now be painted as failing to protect our kids.

Joe Smith voted for the marijuana lobby.  Joe Smith doesn’t care about your children.  Joe Smith is wrong for Idaho.  Call Joe Smith and tell him to stop his pro-crime policies!

We’re being inundated with negative campaign advertising now that we’re 60 days out from a pivotal primary.  You need to be aware of what’s often not said.

I’ll give you an example.  Let’s say a bill is introduced to protect family farms.  Buried in the bill is a provision to make open borders permanent and grant immediate amnesty to people who cross.  If I vote against the bill, is it because I hate farmers?

Over time, I believe the public has wised up to the tall tales they hear during campaign season.

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