Idaho has been an outlier when it comes to legalizing weed.  It makes the liberals angry.  They want their sacraments legalized.  But what we’re seeing in neighboring states makes some of us a little fearful if they get their way.  Some cities and states are backing away from legalizing some drugs.  The promised tax revenue was obliterated by the social costs.  Increased crime, traffic accidents, and homelessness.

Now Colorado is experiencing the collapse of dispensaries.  Politico has a lengthy story detailing the failing businesses.  One reason is oversupply.  A lot of people rushed into the market when they saw dollar signs.  This was after many had paid exorbitant licensing fees.

It’s much like a new gas station at a busy intersection.  The first one can make a healthy profit.  By the time there are stations on all four corners the market is diluted.

We should also note another factor.  After Washington State went ahead with legalization, a friend in the Seattle area told me the unlicensed criminal trade also boomed.  The illicit market is often controlled by organized crime.  The illegal weed undercut the pricey state-approved marijuana.  She told me the smokers thought the criminal product was better.

Oh, and it’s not like you’re asked to produce a receipt for whatever you buy.  If you’ve got some on your kitchen counter, who can tell where it came from?

As usual, liberal government policy ran into its stupidity.

As an aging American let me share something.  You can have a good time in life without booze and drugs.  And you’ll probably wake up the next day with fewer apologies to issue.

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