BOISE, Idaho –  Idaho’s Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today in a challenge of the voter-approved Medicaid Expansion.

The law is being challenged by the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) and its Board Chairman Brent Regan in the case Regan v. Denney, according to a news release by Reclaim Idaho.

"The IFF has been working against expanding Medicaid in Idaho since before it became the voter-approved law of the land. Idaho’s attorney general’s office has referred to the lawsuit as ‘frivolous.’”

Sixty-one percent of voters approved Proposition II last November, which expands Medicaid in Idaho to cover those who traditionally make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to receive subsidized health insurance.

“This whole thing is a stunt and I think the justices saw right through that today,” Tracy Olson, Ada County Reclaim Idaho Co-Leader who attended Tuesday’s oral arguments, said in the prepared statement. “They have a decision to make, so we should let them do their work. However, I certainly hope the people of Idaho prevail.”

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