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The website says the doors will open Friday.  I’ll be looking for any changes.  If the Idaho State Museum is open this weekend, then visitors will still likely be required to maintain a distance well beyond arms-length.  It’s one of my favorite places in the state.  Located across the street from the gardens and the zoo in Boise.  Exhibits periodically change.  You can take pictures in much of the museum, although, not in the painting gallery (and trust me, some of the art work is breathtaking).

When the renovations were complete a couple of years ago, I paid a visit.  It was packed with people.  I guess it won’t be elbow-to-elbow until well into the summer.  Admission is 10 dollars for adults.  If you’re on active duty, a veteran or over 60-years-old, admission is eight dollars. The same for college students.  From the age of five through 15 the cost is five dollars and the younger children get free admission.

The museum is massive.  From outside you don’t get that impression.  Then you get inside and there are multiple levels and even some wide open space.  In the artist gallery you can even find seating.

This time of year would also be a good time to cross Julia Davis Drive and look at the garden.

The museum even has Sunday hours but these are shorter than Monday through Saturday.

By the way, while I think Boise is a big city, I met a couple from Seattle at the museum.  They’re transplants from Washington, D.C.  They loved Boise.  “It’s so quiet,” one of them explained.

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