Idaho is the fifth most popular destination for retirees in America.  I read it last week in the Wall Street Journal.  Despite what we see as skyrocketing property taxes, for people coming from the Left Coast or New York or New Jersey, it would be considered a bargain.  Along the river valleys, winters are generally mild.  For active seniors, the state provides bountiful outdoor recreation.

not everyone retires as a papered up corporate Chief Executive Officer

While older people are coming here in large numbers, Idaho isn’t actually considered among the best places for retirement.  Many publications don’t put the place anywhere near the top of any lists.  I looked at Quicken Loans and no luck.

Idaho does place number three for military retirees.  According to the website  You can read more by clicking here.  It’s interesting because Idaho doesn’t exempt military retirement pay from taxes.  Several other states reward service by waiving the retirement tax.

So, what does it for Idaho?

Property tax breaks for veterans, easier access to VA healthcare, discounts on hunting and fishing licenses as well as strong preferences for veterans when it comes to state jobs.  Several state troopers I know served in the Marine Corps!

Finally, if you do plan to retire in Idaho, what’s the best place to call home?  Forbes says it’s Lewiston.  Usually I see posts recommending Ketchum or Coeur d’Alene.  Yet, not everyone retires as a papered up corporate Chief Executive Officer.

If you can handle the odor hanging over the city, Lewiston is the place!  Just joking about the smell.  Maybe.


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