Having now spent a couple years living in idaho, I still haven't managed to see eighty percent of the state. My yearly travels to date have been limited to sites no further north than the Stanley area, but many Idahoans have seen the majority of the state, including a vlogger who recently shared their top 25 favorite spots to date.

This summer I'll get my first chance to really explore central and northern Idaho. In July, we have a trip planned to Montana, northern Idaho and the Alberta province of Canada, to see Banff and Jasper National Parks. Its been on my adventure list for more than a decade to get up into the panhandle of Idaho, and I can't wait to hit the road in about 12 weeks.

A YouTube post from a couple weeks ago by a travel vlogger who is very familiar with the Gem State served up the "Top 25 Best Things To Do In Idaho." The Bruneau Dunes, Sun Valley (#1 on the list), Craters of the Moon, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Old Idaho Penitentiary, City of Rocks, Payette Lake and the Black Cliffs near Boise all made the list. If you want to see what other areas of Idaho made the list, you'll have to check out the video below. Southern Idaho definately was represented well in the post.

Of all the Idaho destinations listed in the video post, I have to say I feel most alive when visiting the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Less than three hours north of Twin Falls are some of the most beautiful rivers, mountains and recreational sites you'll ever see.

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