I've finally found my Idaho outdoor video to share with you all for the week. The problem is, you'll need to contact the explorer to find out if he or she will reveal its location.

My Idaho landscape video pick of the week is one that was shared just a couple of weeks ago, and has managed to escape my radar until today. "Stop sharing all the hidden locations with everyone!" That's what many of you are thinking right now, but before you go all AGRO, just know the sharer didn't reveal its location.

The video, which is just 10-seconds in duration and titled, "Natural Hot Spring Waterfall In Idaho," has one comment to date, which is "Nice." The upload was shared to the YouTube channel of Pacific Northwest. The pool in which the water cascades into sits approximately 35-40 feet beneath the top of the rock wall, and the sound of the water is relaxing to just listen to. You can see the steam rise from the water too.

This is one of those locations that anyone who comes across it isn't likely to tell where it is. It could be in southern Idaho, or it could be in the state's panhandle--we don't know--and probably will not. I shared the video because it's a thing of beauty, and reminds us how visually remarkable Idaho is.

Without revealing its location, have you ever seen this landmark? I haven't, but then again, I've only explored about 30% of the state.

Thanks to the Pacific Northwest people for sharing such a beautiful video. And don't worry, I have no clue where this is.

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