Visit Southern Idaho has announced their launch of their new app which they have created to make sure that all of you plans around there area go off without a hitch. The app is great for people who live in the area or are visiting to see what there is to do around here, because there is so much.

According to the news release, you can create a Southern Idaho excursion itinerary so when you are trying to map everything out because there is so much you want to do and so little time, you can follow the handy itinerary you made.

It will also show you reviews of each location along with photos and tips and tricks left by other people who have been in that spot. It is also going to be a great resource for history of the area. For those people who are trying to learn all about the area and find the most interesting things, this is the app for you to download.

The app is available right now for free on the Google Play and The App Store on both Android and Apple devices. Sweet. It is going to be cool not only for people visiting but also people who are local trying to find new places and adventures they may have never seen before.

Please excuse me while I download this app right this second.

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