Part of me doesn't want to admit that this pandemic has changed me or my lifestyle. I don't want to admit that a virus has that power over my choices. But here we are mid-August and I haven't gone to work at the radio station since March. I've been doing my show in a home studio (my closet) and all interaction with my amazing co-workers has been through messages and video calls. That isn't the only thing that has changed in the Bird house; my wife ordered dog food online and they brought it to our door. I haven't seen her that excited in a long time, knowing she didn't have to load the 50 pound bags of food onto a cart. That excitement probably says something about what else this pandemic is doing to our lives. We are starting to appreciate the small things and our lives are pretty boring without interaction with friends.

Has your life changed during the pandemic, not just temporarily but you've made realizations that will change how you do things in the future? A study from Statista shows that our buying habits have changed, at least some of our priorities about what we buy. American are obviously buying a lot more health, hygiene, and cleaning products. We are also spending more on food delivery, home entertainment, and hobbies so we can stay home, safe, and entertained.

All further information on this statistic can be found at Statista

Idaho has a buying habit that I find interesting, according to Zippia who put together a map of what each state is buying more of than other states. For Idaho, wine is apparently our quarantine coping mechanism. At least that is a normal item. If you look at the map it gets more weird the longer you look.

Idaho Loves Wine credit Zippia
Idaho Loves Wine credit Zippia

We buy wine and Colorado is buying buffalo? I feel like we can do better now than just wine. Some other stand-out states are:

  • Arkansas - airplanes
  • Delaware - chloroform
  • Indiana - Human Blood
  • Nebraska - bacon
  • New Mexico - nuclear reactors
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